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Welcome to Ambara Institute of Aviation and Hospitality, where you can train to become a future Air Hostess/Cabin Crew, Ground crew member. A professional Airline Job Training Academy in Bangalore that trains top-notch industry professionals for a successful career in aviation. We have a 100% Placement Record of all our previous students and winners of the PRIDE OF KARNATAKA AWARD.

If you are striving to have the best Diploma In Aviation for LOWEST PRICE,  Ambara is your perfect choice. With us, you will find the best quality certification, certified by AEROSPACE AND AVIATION SECTOR SKILL COUNCIL and SKILL INDIA.

 By leveraging the power of over 12 years of experience with our International Cabin Crew trainers, you are just a few steps away from attaining your dream career in aviation. 

Let’s get started now!

What you Will Learn

This course is skillfully designed by Industry Experts to train students on the skills required to become a cabin crew. The program covers all the topics related to Aviation that a cabin crew member is required to know. Students are taught about the different parts and functions of a commercial Aircraft, and also about essential flight-related tasks such as boarding and safety and service procedures as well as onboard meal service procedures

As English is the most spoken language in the world, it is absolutely vital to learn the language in order to have a successful career. This course is primarily designed to help each of our student communicate effectively in the English language at work. Topics that are covered in this subject include basic grammar knowledge, greetings and farewells, and the various details involved in making appointments or coming to a mutual conclusion on certain topics. Since each lesson in this course is extremely interactive, students are able to constantly practice their language skills and also learn about key aspects of correct and effective communication..

Our Expert Make up Artists with train the students about grooming skills required in the Aviation, Hospitality and Customer service industries. Workshops that are covered here include skin and hair care, professional attires, and basic grooming practices, skin care, professional make-up techniques and many more.

The Airline Industry is all about working in a team, Learn all the techniques about working with teams and handling conflicts.

The main purpose of this course is to further improve a student’s pronunciation, intonation and fluency in the use of English language. The course is highly interactive and trains the student in the skills of public speaking, group discussions required for clearing the interviews.

Keeping Fit and Calm is one if the most valiable skill of Cabin Crew. Learn and Practice Yoga from our Expert Certified Cabin crew Yoga Trainers. 

This is a vital course that trains the student on customer handling skills. Students are briefed about the different types of customers as well as the basic needs of each customer. Students are also made aware of what makes customer service exemplary. This course equips them with the skill sets to deal with ease even the difficult customers successfully.

As a Professional Cabin Crew you will have to keep in touch with your company.

Communication; today we have many ways to communicate, but two of the most importants are telephone and emails. But while using these tools, arre your sure that the right message is being sent? 

One’s phone behavior and email etiquette influence what your Airline Recruiters think of you.


The training module is targeted to help the students to develop an impressive personality and make them stand apart from the rest. In today’s highly competitive business environment, candidates need confidence, attitude, moral values and motivation that can make them stand apart from the competition and help them succeed in their desired careers. The students will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, by developing leadership and team building skills and manage time to manage stress and handle rapidly changing workplace conditions. By learning to build on their strengths and eliminate weaknesses, the students can develop the kind of winning attitude that only successful people have. Our course will sharpen the students’ skills so that they can live up to their full potential and reach their goals, both in professional as well as personal life. The program will help the student to transform and create a “BETTER SELF “and prepare for grabbing excellent opportunities in the field of Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service.

Learning German Language Can give Cabin Crew an extra edge over other Applicants in the Interview.

More over Nationals airline companies are looking for Cabin Crew  that can talk fluently in the official language of their country (besides English). Some examples could be: , KLM , Swiss Air or Lufthansa .

 This course prepares the student for facing and clearing all types of interviews. Impromptu speaking, mock interviews, group discussions, and positive body language are covered in this course. They are prepared to answer all the questions that can be put to them in the interviews. Besides, the Ambara trainers will also share knowledge for preparing the perfect resume and covering letters.


  •  12th pass or appeared, First Year or Second Year Undergraduate / Graduate Student (Students studying in 12th Class can also take admission.)
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Having a pleasing personality
  • Selection will be on basis of Online interview

Course Details

  • Associate Training Partner of AASSC under SKILL INDIA Program.
  • English Communication Skills.
  • Soft Skills for Aviation.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing.
  • Confident Personality Building and Body Language.
  • Mock Interview Training.
  • Grooming, MakeUp, and Hairstyle.
  • Yoga and Meditation.
  • Aviation Safety and Security Procedures.
  • Aviation Safety Equipments.
  • Practical Classes and Role Plays.
  • Basic German Language Training.
  • Fully AirConditioned Smart Classrooms. 
  • CCTV Surveillance.
  • All Trainers with International Airline Experience. 
  • 100% Placement Assistance.


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