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17 – 24


What you Will Learn

  • Learn beginner to advanced English Speaking skills.
  • Understand and use English grammar.
  • Master English vocabulary and native phrases.
  • Build confidence in English Language.
  • Develop complete English conversation skills.
  • Improve English listening ability.
  • Learn English words and phrases for English job interviews. 
  • Understand and prepare for common questions used in job interviews.
  • Get Live feedback from trainers to Improve Communication Skills 
  •  Learn methods for writing a resume and attending an interview.


Feeling nervous about your upcoming Airline Job interview? Take this course and give yourself the boost you need to get hired at your Cabin crew job interview!

If you are not confident in English and preparing for Airline Job interview, this course is a must. You will Practice with the Trainer  all common Airline interview questions, as well as useful phrases and expressions for answering them. This course will also focus on strategies for organizing your answers, and lots of  Mock Interviews so that you can make sure you’re on the right track.

This course includes: 
  • Essential English job interview words and phrases
  • Strategies and examples to make your English Résumé perfect
  • English Phrases for making a follow-up call and scheduling an interview
  • Pro tips to help you prepare for your upcoming interview
  • Methods and examples for making a strong English self-introduction
  • Strategies, phrases, and examples

Learn simple methods to grow your English Language fluency and master the tricks that fluent English Speakers use. Speed up your speaking and improve your listening skills to develop confidence in real English conversation.

✔ Learn English Speaking in common conversation topics with Expert Communication Skills Trainers 

✔ Ace in Mock Conversations, Interviews  and quizzes to build English conversation skills

✔ Master fun phrases and advanced vocabulary for English Speaking

✔ SUPERCHARGE your English grammar and understanding

✔ Improve your speaking with pronunciation tips

On top of this, you get a range of Live Mock Practive Interviews  and extended lnterview practice English tests and Live Feedback from Communication Skills Trainers to ensure you are the Best Candidate in the Interview Room.