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Nurturing the next generation of cabin crew and Airport  with comprehensive, affordable training, Ambara Institute of Aviation stands as a beacon of aviation excellence.

Ambara Institute of Aviation

Our Vision - Aviation Excellence

“Pioneering the Future of Aviation Training Excellence in India”

At Ambara Institute of Aviation, we envision a future where every aspiring Indian aviation professional can access world-class training, empowering them to soar in their careers. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between ambition and success in the aviation industry, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and leadership among India’s youth. With a focus on making high-quality cabin crew and airport customer service education accessible, we aim to become the cornerstone of aviation excellence in India. Our students have successfully pursued careers with leading airlines such as IndiGo, Air India, Akasa Air, Vistara, Star Air, Spicejet, Qatar and Kuwait showcasing the effectiveness of our training programs in helping them achieve their professional dreams.

Our Mission - Accessible Aviation Training

“Empowering Aspirants, Elevating Careers”

The Ambara Institute of Aviation is dedicated to providing aspiring cabin crew members with affordable, comprehensive, and industry-led training programs. Our mission is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in the global aviation industry. By focusing on mentorship, hands-on experience, and personalized career guidance, we strive to transform passionate individuals into highly skilled aviation professionals. Our goal is to open doors to promising careers in aviation for Indian youth, ensuring every student can achieve their Dreams – That Fly

Message from the CEO

Dear Aspiring Aviators,

Welcome to the Ambara Institute of Aviation, a sanctuary where dreams of soaring high in the sky begin to take flight. As the founder and CEO, my journey in the aviation training industry started over a decade ago as a cabin crew member. This experience not only enriched my life with invaluable lessons and unforgettable memories but also ignited a passion to empower others to pursue this rewarding career path.

In 2017, I founded Ambara with a simple yet profound mission: to make aviation training accessible, affordable, and transformative for every Indian youth aspiring to become part of the esteemed aviation sector. Our ethos is built on the belief that quality education in aviation should not be a privilege but a right for all.

A Personal Invitation to Your Aviation Journey

As you navigate through the possibilities of joining the aviation industry, I understand the mixture of excitement and uncertainty that accompanies this decision. Here at Ambara, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way. From comprehensive cabin crew training to detailed insights into airport customer service jobs, our courses are designed to provide not just education, but a launchpad for your career.

Innovation at the Heart of Learning

Innovation drives us forward. We continuously update our curriculum and teaching methodologies to reflect the latest industry standards and technologies. Our experienced trainers, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in aviation, are dedicated to providing personalized mentorship, ensuring you gain both the skills and confidence to excel. 

"CEO of Ambara Institute of Aviation, Rohini Rao, smiling, dressed in professional attire."

Join Our Community

I invite you to become part of our vibrant community. Whether you’re taking the first step towards your aviation career or seeking to elevate your skills to new heights, Ambara is here to support your ambitions. Our success is measured by your success, and together, we can achieve extraordinary heights. To help you get started, we offer a range of free courses designed to provide you with essential skills and knowledge. Explore our free courses at Ambara Institute of Aviation and begin your journey towards a successful aviation career today!

Your Questions, Answered

I believe in open communication and am here to address any queries you may have about embarking on your aviation journey with Ambara. Feel free to reach out with your questions, concerns, or even your dreams about your future in aviation. Let’s make them a reality, together.

Looking Forward

The sky is vast, and the opportunities within it limitless. At Ambara Institute of Aviation, we’re not just preparing you for a job in aviation; we’re preparing you for a lifetime of achievements. Your journey starts here, and the sky is truly the limit.

Warm regards,

Rohini Rao
Founder & CEO, Ambara Institute of Aviation
Empowering Aspirations, Elevating Careers

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