Cabin Crew Job Description

We all know that Cabin Crew have some pretty serious responsibilities. Before every take-off Cabin Crew provides vital safety information to reassure every passenger that safety protocols are important and in place. You Need to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of Cabin Crew if you have decided to become a Cabin Crew and travel around the world. 
  • Cabin crew must treat everyone professionally, with respect, patience and understanding.
  • Cabin crew greet and welcome passengers on board so they must be friendly and approachable
  • Cabin crew need training, knowledge and confidence to effectively deal with any security/emergency situations if they arise
  • Cabin crew must ensure that all emergency equipment is present and in working order prior to take off
  • Cabin crew must give vital professional demonstrations of safety procedures and equipment use before every flight, so no matter how many times a day it needs to be demonstrated, each one needs to be presented as if it is the first of the day, it is your opportunity to make a friendly, positive impression with the passengers
  • Cabin crew are expected to administer first aid to passengers
  • Cabin crew’s must consistently deliver outstanding standards of customer service and maintain the standard throughout the flight

Cabin Crew Duties Onboard

  • Cabin crew attend a pre-flight briefing, where cabin crew are assigned their working positions for the forthcoming flight
  • Cabin Crew  are updated about the flight details and schedule
  • Cabin crew will be advised if there are passengers with any special needs e.g. special meal requests, passengers who may have accessibility or communication challenges, wheelchairs, VIPs, frequent flyer passengers, number of infants requiring infant seats are just a few considerations before boarding
  • Cabin crew need to carry out pre-flight duties ;
    • checking the safety equipment,
    • ensuring the aircraft is always clean and tidy,
    • checking that all required refreshments are on board including special medical and religious dietary needs
    • Relevant travel landing cards are loaded
    • first aid equipment is checked and replenished where necessary
  • Cabin crew cheerfully welcoming passengers on board and directing them to their seats, helping them secure all hand luggage in the appropriate place
  • Cabin Crew need to ensure that all aisles and exits are not obstructed for the duration of the flight
  • Cabin crew need to be calm and swiftly resolve any seating issues before preparation for take off
  • Cabin crew inform all passengers of the aircraft safety procedures
  • Cabin crew check every passenger’s seat belt are in place and securely fastened
  • Cabin crew ensure that the galley equipment is safe and secure prior to take-off
  • Cabin crew may need to make clear, timely announcements and keep passengers informed of any delays
  • Cabin crew need to be visible to passengers in the cabin to answer questions during the flight
  • Cabin crew provide timely professional service to passengers as all times e.g. when serving meals and refreshments
  • Cabin crew may be required to sell duty-free goods and advise passengers of any duty-free allowance limitations/restrictions at their destination
  • Cabin crew may be required to administer first aid to passenger(s). If/when required, medical situations should be dealt with in a discrete and professional manner whilst keeping the situation and passenger calm and reassured
  • Cabin crew need to ensure that all passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight. All overhead lockers, public areas, toilets and galleys need to be careful checked to ensure that nobody has left their belongings on board the plane
  • Cabin crew need to complete all necessary paperwork such as stock control, logging of any faults, incidents or problems which may have occurred during the flight before ending their shift
  • Cabin crew need to liaise with the ground staff, they are an important part of the team too
  • Cabin crews work as Effective communication is essential to ensuring that you are part of a happy crew. This attitude will guarantee more satisfied passengers. Happy satisfied customers potentially become regular loyal airline flyers with your Cabin Crew team.
  • Every duty flight is an opportunity for you and your team to shine, so make sure you give yourself every opportunity to do just that. Excellent customer service is a skill you can use every single flight!
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